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Unanswered Discussion Threads in BI Platform

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    I'm trying to get and analyze the current sessions on my BO server.



    One of the fields I'm interested in is the "Client Session".


    I'm requesting the BO repository using the java sdk (I'm new to sdk use).

    The only field that I have identified as being correlated with the client session is SI_LOGON_CLIENT_TYPE which is a UID like this: AWmaRz4Z.NVPpAEtplYGAjc.

    I'm retrieving this information with the following query:


    strQuery = "select si_id, si_name, si_creation_time, si_logon_client_type from ci_systemobjects where si_kind='Connection' and si_parentid=41 and si_name != 'System Account' and SI_AUTHEN_METHOD != 'server-token'"


    Yet after several investigations, I couldn't find how to get the corresponding text displayed in the CMC interface (Logon without Client ID, CMC, ...) as SI_PROGID returns always "CrystalEnterprise.Connection" and SI_SPECIFIC_KIND returns "Connection". I couldn't also locate any reuse of this UID in the BO repository (except for sessions that have the same value for "Client Session").


    Additionnally, I couldn't find any information about SI_LOGON_CLIENT_TYPE in the SDK documentation and google never heard about it .


    Any help or workaround on this topic would be appreciated,



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    I learned the folding technique on breaks a couple of weeks ago, and used it to good effect. Now I am trying to do it again, but running into what appears weird to me . . . the top item in the break, when it folds, it collapses the entire thing !

    Folding error 1 shows collapsing for all but the top item - looks good.

    folding error 1.jpg

    Folding error 2 shows the entire thing disappears when I then collapse the top item in the break !!!! ??? mad.gif Also, when I then try to un-fold it, it doesn't do anything, I have to "un-do" my last actions to get the data back.

    folding error 2.jpg

    Folding error 3 shows a completely collapsed break that worked great. I was able to repeat the issue so it's consistent but not what I'm expecting.

    folding error 3.jpg

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    Hi Everyone,


    Could you plz help me understand how often should a BI 4.x environment be restarted and based on what factors?


    Is it good to restart daily, once a week..??


    We are seeing some issues with scheduling jobs going into running state and getting hung. So I am trying to find a frequency of how often should I keep restarting my environment to ensure they jobs run fine.  Please help!!


    Environment details:

    BI Version: 4.1 SP5

    Windows 2012 R2




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    How can i get the usage count of users from a particular group?

    I could get a list of users and their logon time, but i need to know how many times they are logging in a month and accessing a report named 'ABC'?

    Any suggestions helpful



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    BOE version: 4.1 sp2

    BOE server OS: win server 2008 enterprise r2 sp1

    cpu: 2.6GHz * 8 (logic cores)

    RAM: 16G


    It is our development system,which means only a few(actually onle 1,sometimes 2) developer use it

    The problem is the average processing time of the Dashboard processing server and the Dashboard cache server is consistently high


    I have optimized the xmx parameter of the two servers and the


    but none of these works


    is there anything else i can do?


    BTW,the min processing time is normal,now is 300 msec

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    First of all, if someone have not noticed, then yes - it is possible to enable SSO on the CMC as well, as mentioned in this post SSO (WinAD) to CMC with 4.1 SP6? it has been around since 4.1 SP6 and it still works in 4.2 SP2


    But, once SSO is enabled you can not any longer connect to either the BI Launchpad (or CMC) on the local BO Server, then you get this error:



    This is also known and well documented.


    A way to work around this was to use the logonNoSso.jsp as mentioned in SAP Note 1631817


    e.g. http://localhost:8080/BOE/BI/logonNoSso.jsp


    However the same trick http://localhost:8080/CMC/BI/logonNoSso.jsp does not work for the CMC, so


    how can you manually logon to CMC when Single Sign-On is configured?

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    Anyone see message below before when running webi report after selecting ok following the generic 30270 and views of causes.







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    i have created WEBI report with data from Excel.

    That Excel document is located at our file system in map called reports. Path used in WEBI is \\file_system_name\reports\excel_document.

    When I'm opening that WEBI report in WEBI client i dont have any problems with refreshing data, but when I publish report at BI platform it can't be refreshed.

    Error im reciving is:

    You do not have the right to access data returned by this universe. (Error: INF )

    And in logs theres

    <ERROR COMPONENT="WIS" ERRORCODE="504" ERRORTYPE="USER" MESSAGE="You do not have the right to access data returned by this universe." PREFIX="ERR">


    my question is how to set security so BI platform can reach data from our file system.


    Thnak you for help.

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    I'm currently writing a Java application using the SAP BO SDK to modify the user security for various objects on platform (applications, folders, ...). Everything works fine except for removing access from an already existing SecurityPrincipal.


    Does someone know how to achieve this?


    Thanks & Regards,

    Thilo S.

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  • 06/01/16--08:40: Patches
  • Hello All,


    We are currently on 4.1 SP06 patch level and we want to upgrade our system for new functionality and bug fixes. I can see 4.2 is also released with SP01 and SP02 service patches. Can anyone help me which one is more stable? is it 4.2 SP01 or 4.2 SP02 ?




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    Hi All,


    I have granted user access to retrieve universe from repository using IDT,

    User was able to login to IDT but can not retrieved the universe. see below

    He can click on the universe but can not click next.

    Any solution






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    Hello everybody,


    I want to know if the default user account (Administrator, Guest, SMAdmin and QaaWSServletPrincipal) consumes license from my package? I mean, if my license agreement is for 20 named users, because of the default accounts I can just create 16 more named users??? so, If I need to have 20 users I will have to delete the default accounts?


    Thanks for your help


    Best regards



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    HI Experts,


    We just had this weird issue this weekend that all the contents from the User's favorite folder got deleted, even the scheduled reports, instances, user BI Inbox reports. We checked the logs for the weekend and found out:





    This basically says that the reload fetched 0 users and groups. Is there a chance that because of this failed to update the user and group from the LDAP server and lost the mapping with the user id, caused favorites folder content to be deleted? Please anybody has any insight with it, do share it with me.


    Thank you,

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    Hi Everyone,


    I am new to devloping applications to connect with SAP.


    We are trying to connect a .net application to a SAP Server. We were able to connect using RFC Connections without using SNC.


    When we tried to connect to the server using SNC(SNCMyname, SNCPartnerName, SNCQop  mentioned), we get an error saying

    Unable to load GSS-API DLL named "sncgss32.dll"


    The SAP Server is using Common Crypto Library. We downloaded the CommonCryptoLibrary SAR File and extracted it.

    We mentioned SAPLibrarypath pointing to sapcrypto.dll from the downloaded library.


    But we still get the error and now the error says sapcrypto.dll is not a valid win32 application.


    I have gone throught some of the posts in the internet but everyone are talking about pointing the sncgss32.dll in the c:\windows\system32 folder.


    But we want to connect to SAP Server without having to install SAP GUI.


    Can anyone here let me know the steps to connect to sap server using SNC?


    Many Thanks,



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    hi .

    if we get any issue saying " high response times for frontend calls have been detected on Apache Tomcat Server."


    how can we resolve that?



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  • 06/02/16--06:02: Expansion vs Node Addition
  • Hi,


    We have following use case

    > Currently we are on single node , BI 4.1 SP4

    > Need to move to cluster and BI 4.1 Sp6

    > FIle store size 3.5 TB ( we are having short time to clean the content , as old system is having lot of issues )


    Thinking of following sequence , please provide me more inputs around it 


    New Cluster > 2 Application nodes -tomcat

                           2 Intelligent nodes  -

                          2 Porcessing nodes


    Installation: 1. Installing node 3 - BI SP4

                        2. Installing Node1 - Tomcat 7

                        3. Migrating the content from old system

                        4. Updating Node with BI SP6

                        5. expanding the installation  for node 4,5,6

                        6. installing tomcat on node 2

                        7. Clustering and configurations


    For #5  what do you suggest , just prep the nodes and install expand mode and add to cluster or separately install BO on each node and add to the cluster


    Any inputs will be really appreciated





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    Getting an error when installing Crystal Server 2013 on Red Hat Linux. During the prerequisites checking, it fails at the operating system patch level and says it should be higher than RedHat 5, but we are at RedHat 7 (screenshot below)


    I have tried searching the issue but did not have any luck finding anything similar.



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    I am busy installing Crystal Reports Server XI running on a Windows 7 64 bit unit. The installation progresses very well until it gets to a point where it just seems to stop and it never goes beyond that point. It just does the following and it has been standing there for hours.


    "Time remaining: 4 minutes".

    What I've tried so far :
    1.) Restarting and trying the installation again.
    2.) I've checked the application and system logs, but no information is available as to why this issue might be occurring.
    3.) Disabled anti-virus

    4.) Ran the Setup.exe as administrator.


    Any idea on how I can get it to complete the installation ?


    [EDIT] I found some sort of log file but I don't know if it will be of use.  It had a line with an error code within it :


    Installation success or error status : 1602

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    Hello Experts


    I am working with a client who is looking for BO Edge 4.0 SP 1 installation in cluster environment. They are looking for high availability and fits as mid-sized BO implementation template as per BI sizing.


    First of all,


    Does BO Edge 4.0 SP1 supports cluster implementation ?

    (2 Nodes running on Windows server 2008)


    Any pointers would be helpful.


    Thanks in advance.



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         I am using SAP Business Objects BI 4.0 SP 5 , which has Tomcat 6 , I have recently applied SSL and certificates , unable to browse the url as


    https://servername:8443/BOE/CMC or https://servername:8443/BOE/BI


    Error :


    Turn on TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1, and TLS 1.2 in Advanced settings and try connecting to https://serverurl:8443/BOE/CMC  again. If this error persists, it is possible that this site uses an unsupported protocol or cipher suite such as RC4



    Searched so much , but could not found perfect solution to fix , if any has same issue please reply .


    Using Windows 2008 R2 .


    With out SSL working fine perfectly. But I want to apply SSL


    Thanks in advance.

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